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Holy Fix

 Why Holy Fix ?


We heard the call to share the skills and

knowledge acquired through years  of studies

and work in the art  fields. We humbly offer

our talents to restore and repair catholic

statues, so this holy reminders continuing

inspiring us in the catholic faith, doctrine and devotion.



Regardless of the statue's size,  the amount of

working time can be many hours,  depending on how much

damage has suffer the statue and how many little tiny details the restoration may require, and your

generous donation can help us in our apostleship to sustain all

the effort, time and material that we dedicate with love to restore your holy reminder.

Below is the suggested donation table.

  Statues Size                                         Donation

  • 1 Ft  or smaller                                                                  $60          
  • 1 to 2 Ft                                                                           $120          
  • 2 to 3Ft                                                                            $250          
  • 3 to 4Ft                                                                            $400          
  • 4 to 5 Ft                                                                           $700          
  •  6 Ft or more                                                                $1400